YULIN, vers la fin du festival de la viande de chien ?

Nous avons soutenu les campagnes de HUMANE SOCIETY INTERNATIONAL contre l’horreur de Yulin. Voici le courriel reçu hier sur les progrès faits sur le terrain.

N’oublions pas que les pays asiatiques consomment les animaux domestiques, chiens, chats, lévriers… Lorsqu’ils sont interpelés, ils nous répondent : “Vous mangez bien de la vache, du porc, du cheval ?”

Les personnes qui souhaitent une traduction peuvent nous la demander par email.

Dear Joëlle,

We wanted to thank you for supporting our efforts against the gruesome Yulin dog meat festival and the dog meat trade across Asia.
Because of animal lovers like you, we saved lives. Just before the annual festival began on June 21st, a group of Chinese activists rescued dogs from a slaughterhouse in Yulin. The dogs under our care are safe and receiving veterinary treatment for their illnesses and injuries.
main-featureFor updates on the care of these dogs and so many other animals, please follow along with HSI on Facebook. 
In addition to this rescue, we delivered over 1.5 million signatures to Chinese embassy officials, urging action to end dog meat trade horrors like Yulin once and for all. The embassy responded that Chinese authorities are taking action “to encourage people to stay away from dog meat,” and we are confident that our sustained international spotlight will encourage further progress.


Campaigning against the festival has been a focus of our efforts for some years, and we’ve seen a dramatic reduction in the number of dogs killed. This year, slaughterhouse operations appeared less active than in previous years, and reports are that fewer visitors and diners attended the festival. Because of Yulin authorities and pressure from Chinese groups and supporters like you, many dog meat stands were empty at certain markets.
Together, we can end the cruel dog meat trade for good.
Thank you for helping animals.

Kitty Block
Humane Society International

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