Uruguay, notre courrier aux députés européens…

Dear Member of the European Parliament,
The President of the Eastern Republic of URUGUAY, Dr. Tabaré VAZQUEZ, published Decree No. G 452 dated 26 December 2018 ANIMAL WELL-BEING AND END OF GREYHOUND RACING.
On February 19th, the association GALGOS ETHIQUE EUROPE sent a message of thanks to President VAZQUEZ. Message published on March 3, 2019 on the uruguayan presidential site.
RESPECT FOR ANIMALS: A simple social issue? NO! An issue of humanity!

“W’ll prove ourselves to be more human by treating animals better.” Carl SCHLITTER, Swedish MEP 2013.
To give this decree the political and humanist support it deserves, you have the possibility to send an email to President VAZQUEZ at jroballo@presidencia.gub.uy (or click on the image).


We know the efforts of this exceptional man to bring health and a decent life to everyone, to end also the ravages of tobacco, not only in his country but also in South America. He is now attacking, with Decree No. G 452, the problem of extreme animal abuse in his country, mistreatment that also affects greyhounds employed in dog fighting and racing.

The majority of European citizens are now sensitive to the atrocities suffered by animals in today’s world, industrialized, mechanized, where man too often loses his humanity. All animal welfare associations face daily acts more and more atrocious and frequent, perpetrated by younger and younger children.
It is urgent that initiatives such as that of President VAZQUEZ come into being and be followed up.

Thanking you warmly for your support, we ask you to accept, Dear Member of the European Parliament, our respectful greetings.

March 2019

Dra. Andrea LOPEZ
President PROYECTO
President GALGOS 112 SPAIN
Deborah & Sabrina LEMAY
 Endowment Fund COEUR ANIMAL France

Co-founder President DAYA CERVELLO SPAIN
Master in Animal Law (UAB Barcelona), Councilor GALGOS ETHIQUE EUROPE

Co-founder, responsible for petitions addressed to the European Parliament

En tant que citoyen européen, vous avez le droit et le devoir de vous exprimer si vous aimez les animaux. C’est du travail, c’est du temps, mais il vaut mieux allumer une bougie que maudire l’obscurité…

Merci aux associations APTEHA et PROYECTO GALGO ARGENTINA qui ont oeuvré sur le terrain en Argentine, en Uruguay et qui maintenant entament leur lutte au Chili. Merci à GALGOS 112, DAYA CERVELLO, au fonds de dotation COEUR ANIMAL qui co-signent ce message.

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